Skin Lesions

Skin Lesions include moles, cysts, lipomas (fatty lumps), warty lesions or skin tags.


This procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic and takes approx 30mins. A small incision is made in the skin; the lesion is removed and may be sent for analysis to a pathology laboratory, if your consultant feels it is necessary. The wound is stitched and a sterile dressing is applied.

Following Procedure

Common side effects which may occur are; bruising, swelling or redness of the area.

Less common risks are; delayed wound healing, infection, bleeding or bad scarring.

Follow up
1-2 weeks if stitches are in place or for results if a lesion has been sent for analysis.
2-6 weeks to see consultant.

This depends where the operation site is. The Consultant will give advice accordingly.