Self Pay Procedures

Sutton Medical Consulting charges (excludes consultants fee and histology if applicable)

Carpal tunnel From £450.00
Chalazion Unilateral From £185.50
Suction clearance of middle ear From £125.00
Nasoendoscope From £150.00
Diagnostic sinus endoscopy From £125.00
Diagnostic endoscopic operation of the pharynx From £103.00
Laryngoscopy/endoscopy From £200.00
Rigid sigmoidoscopy excluding biopsy From £100.00
Release of constriction of sheath of tendon From £309.00
Banding of haemorrhoids From £200.00
Endometrial biopsy including histology From £139.75
Injection into varicose veins of the leg (small area) From £75.00
Injection into varicose veins of the leg (large area) From £85.00
Injection into varicose veins of leg(small area)
Inclusive of consultant fee
From £275.00
Injection into varicose veins of the leg (large area)
Inclusive of consultant fee
From £285.00
Injection of hormone From £127.00
Injection into intramuscular & subcutaneous From £54.75
Avulsions of varicose veins bilateral From £250.00
Excision of rodent ulcer From £185.00
Excision of lesion of subcutaneous tissue trunk/limbs 3/head/neck over 3 From £350.00
Excision of lesion of subcutaneous tissue trunk/limbs 3/head/neck up to 3 From £250.00
Excision of BCC excuding histology From £300.00
Excision of keloid From £300.00
Curettage/cryotherapy of skin x1 From £250.00
Curettage (multi) From £300.00
Shave biopsy (single) From £300.00
Shave bopsy (multi) From £400.00
Radiolase (up to 6 lesions) excluding histology From £150.00
Radiolase (over 6 lesions) excluding histology From £180.00
Punch biopsy From £200.00
Resuturing of wound From £66.00
Fine needle aspiration From £100.00
Apiration of subcutaneous haematoma From £100.00
Injection into subcutaneous tissue/painful trigger point From £75.00
Introduction of substance into skin excluding hormone pellet From £150.00
Dupytrens From £450.00
Ganglion From £450.00
Injection into joint From £75.00
Removal of POP From £75.00
Repair of split ear lobe From £250.00
ECG unreported From £100.00
Removal of sutures, staples and clips From £50.00
Release of constriction of sheath of tendon From £309.00
Wound dressing From £40.00
Wrist splint From £12.00
Proctoscopy From £65.00
High arm sling From £30.90
Ultrasound guided foam sclerotherapy From £300.00
Urinary flow test From £60.00
Myringotomy (Grommets) From £250.00
Skin tag removal – under 3 From £175.00
Over 3 From £300.00
Amputation of toe From £309.00
Histology – Cat A From £200.00
Histology – Cat B From £300.00
Histology – Cat C From £400.00

For a guide price for a procedure or treatment not listed above, call us on 0121 308 7774 or complete our online enquiry form.

Please note the prices listed above are guide prices only, and may be subject to change once your consultant has confirmed the exact treatment you require.

Blood Samples

Blood tests carried out at the Centre must be accompanied by a request form which has been signed by a medically qualified person. The following Sutton Medical Consulting Centre blood sample collection and processing fees apply to requests which have been made by a visiting Consultant or Clinician following your Consultation.

Blood Test / Specimen Description Fee
FBC Red/White count From £25.00
U&E Kidney Function From £27.50
LFT Liver Function From £27.50
Ca2 Calcium From £27.50
ESR Inflamation markers From £27.50
CRP Inflamation C Reactive Protein From £30.00
RF Rheumatoid Factor From £30.00
PT Clotting From £30.00
INR Anti Coagulant From £27.50
APTT Clotting From £30.00
Amylase Gall Stones From £25.00
TTGA Coeliac From £32.50
STD Screen Genito Urinary Screen From £30.00
LGV Chlamydia From £37.50
TSH Tyroid testing - basic From £27.50
TSH/FSH/LH/GH Thyroid function combined From £130.00
TSH&T4 Thyroid function From £55.00
TSH/T4 & T3 Thyroid function From £60.00
ALP Thining of bones From £30.00
Ferriten Iron stored From £25.00
B12 Anaemia From £32.50
Testosterone Levels From £30.00
PSA Prostate Cancer From £30.00
CA125 Ovarian Cancer From £32.50
CA19-9 Pancreatic Cancer From £32.50
HbA1C Glucose From £25.00
Hep A Hep A antibody From £30.00
Hep a IgM Hep A Igm From £30.00
Hep B Hepititis surface Ag Screen From £27.50
Hep C Hepititis C IgG Screen From £27.50
HIV x3 tests From £30.00
Urine Urine culture From £30.00
Mycology Culture Fungal infection screen From £32.50
Stool Stool/Faeces Culture From £35.00
NAAT Herpes Simplex From £32.50
CEA Carcino Embryonic Antigen From £30.00
FSH Follicle Stimulating Hormone From £27.50
BHCG Beta Human Chorionic Gondadropin From £30.00
AFP Alpha Feto Protien From £30.00
ANA Lupus Antinuclear From £30.00
RAST Allergy Testing/radioallergosorbent From £35.00
RAST Allergy Testing From £35.00
IgE Immunoglobulin Allergy Testing From £35.00
Swab Culture and Sensitivity From £50.00
Swab Swab for gonorrhoea by culture From £50.00
Swab STDX + Syphilis From £55.00
Swab LGV (chlamydia) PCR From £55.00
Swab Cervical/ liquid based cytology From £63.00