Holt Hearing and Balance Services - Additional Information


  • Hearing Tests (Full diagnostic Pure Tone Audiometry and Speech Audiometry)
  • Tympanometry and Middle Ear Analysis
  • Full range of evoked potential assessments, including Cortical Evoked Response Audiometry
  • Tinnitus assessment & management programmes
  • Advice and provision of hearing/noise protection systems


  • Full diagnostic balance assessments (including ocular and functional assessment, Videonystagmography / Electronystagmography and bithermal calorics)
  • Positional Vertigo assessment and management
  • Tailored balance rehabilitation and retraining management programmes

Private Digital Hearing Aids

As Independent Registered Hearing Aid Dispensers they are able to offer professional impartial advice on the best sort of hearing aid to meet your needs:

  • Assessment for digital hearing aid fitting
  • Fitting of a wide range of highly discreet, leading edge technology digital hearing aids
  • Rehabilitation tailored to patient’s individual needs 
  • Full maintenance, repair, ongoing care and consumables available 

They passionately believe in delivering quality patient-focussed services encompassing your motivations, expectations, and lifestyle.  When a joint scientific and medical assessment is needed we work closely with local medical Ear Nose and Throat colleagues.

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